About Us

StonePark Capital is a Santa Barbara based hospitality firm that focuses on the acquisition and development of select service hotels, and applies a disciplined set of strategies which prioritizes investor return.

StonePark Capital has teamed up with the award winning and nationally recognized hospitality management company Pacific Inns. Through a strong collaborative relationship, our combined group has demonstrated the power and value of bringing together two strong teams working towards a common goal.

Founders Andrew Firestone and Jess Parker lead a full service development and management team, which creates valuable investment opportunities for clients.


Andrew Firestone

Jess Parker

Kristin Carralejo
Kristin Carralejo
Business Operations Manager

Rodger Forni
Rodger Forni
CEO, Pacific Inns

Rodney Forni
Rodney Forni
Chief Operations Officer, Pacific Inns

Executive Vice President, Pacific Inns

Shirley Stewart
Director of Operations, Pacific Inns

David Mather
Chief Financial Officer, Pacific Inns

Rita Burch
Regional Operations Manager,
Pacific Inns